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All we have to fear is fear itself, and I’m pissing my pants.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

Like many Queensicans, when it was announced that this year’s July 4th fireworks would be taking place in the East River just off the coast of LIC, a humble narrator grew excited. Then one began to read about frozen zones (pretty much from 11th street to the East River) and homeland security. My enthusiasm for the event began to wane as the Terror Warriors descended from their Manhattan aeries, discussed throwing down cordons, announcing entry checkpoints, and throwing a cage over the entire neighborhood. One “gets it” of course, as our enemies from “east austral Asia” specifically target public events that draw media attention, which is the very definition of what the July 4th fireworks show is.

The thing is, and I’ve been pointing this out for years, is that there is very little actual “homeland security” going on the rest of the year around these parts, and the Terror Warriors spend most of their time in Manhattan offices dreaming up scenarios which could only be accomplished by Nation/States with vast combined weapon system resources and functionally unlimited budgets. If we were at war with the United States or the People’s Republic of China, for instance, I’d be pooping my pants.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

One is not so irresponsible to point the actual vulnerabilities out in any detail, as some moron out there might decide to exploit them (do your own research), but if you see graffiti along a train track or in a subway tunnel – that’s called time and opportunity. It should be impossible, literally, to sneak into a train yard or even get close to a moving train nearly two decades into the Terror Wars.

Problem is that our security personnel tend to focus on the outlandish notion that non state actors, who are basically mafiosos, can not only maintain but deploy complicated weapons systems that most nation states cannot even hope to possess. Jackass sappers like the Boston Marathon bombers, whose presence and intentions are THE real threat, just don’t fire the imagination or finger the purse strings of Congress.

It’s all a show, ultimately, designed to assuage the nagging truth that some jerk pulling the pin on a dud hand grenade while riding on the 7 train would be sufficient to shut the entire Subway system down for weeks while the Terror Warriors installed metal detectors and biometric sensors on every turnstile.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

I think I’m just going to go up on my roof this year on the 4th of July, photographing the fireworks at a distance from almond eyed Astoria. One is not interested in being part of a compacted herd of spectators, who are all potential suspects, in LIC. I’ll be out and about on the 5th of July, and will wager that I won’t see a single cop or security contractor protecting the vital infrastructure found hereabouts. To me, that’s terrifying.

The big show will be over by then, and the Terror Warriors will be worrying about space based laser systems at BBQ’s on Long Island and in Westchester County. They’ll muse whether or not ISIL has perfected a tractor beam that can pull asteroids down on targets (that’s called a mass driver, btw.) or developed a neutron bomb.

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Written by Mitch Waxman

July 1, 2015 at 11:05 am

2 Responses

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  1. The Managerial Revolution (James Burnham).

    Since the end of WWII we’ve seen the rise of our modern bureaucracies larger, more powerful and ever expanding due to their own manufactured reasons. Since the 1980’s, the tactic of creating some terrifying new crisis for which the bureaucrats running it need expanded powers and more money in their budgets RIGHT THIS INSTANCE or else “WE”RE ALL GONNA DIE!” was perfected. No stopping to think about it, no time to examine the facts, no time for debate. Even better if large, well-connected crony capitalist concerns can patent new stuff and have the populace forced by law to purchase their goods and services.
    Classic high pressure sales technique. Think about it.

    Ever wonder what ever happened to the ozone hole and acid rain? How’s the weather? Is the ocean rising up and drowning everyone yet or any time soon? See any jetliners flying into buildings or guys with bomb vests walking around in the last decade or so? Are we all dead yet? Did anyone ever look very closely at these crises and ask a few simple questions first?

    Apparently politicians and bureaucrats have been taking their readings of Orwell and Mencken to heart. The populace has been successfully turned into obedient meat puppets dreaming they are kept safe while dancing happily on their strings to the amusement and profit of their handlers. Official Authorities are unquestionable, deniers, doubters, nay-sayers, and other assorted heritics will be shunned and have rude things said about them.

    However, enough of my long-winded intro.
    The terror warriors are just following the classic strategies of all successful bureaucracies not only justifying their existence but cadging for budget increases. Sure beats working for a living (police work? counterintelligence work? whaz dat? Sounds complicated and boring) and sounds so much more cool than patrol where only losers work. They have to come up with some dastardly plot once in a while, gotta justify the cushy detail ya know, usually on holidays when there’s more media and public interest. Whereby thousands of cops are posted all over the place and stand there like potted plants when not actively harassing every passerby, thereby foiling the plot. Somehow.

    So enjoy your fourth in perfect safety under Big Brother’s watchful eyes with that imposed mono-culture uh…”Queensican” creature you’ve cleverly invented. Don’t know where you found one and it certainly will never come from MY laboratory nor shall I ever type nor speak that neologism again.


    July 1, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    • The terror warriors of Homeland Security are just like any other bloated federal bureaucracy. Flush with cash to buy all the latest gizmos and doodads their manufacturers reps are pushing and filing reports. Can you seriously remember any attempted terrorist act that they stopped before it happened? There have been over a dozen serious attempts here in NYC that were thwarted by the intelligence efforts of our own NYPD, who are not only New York’s Finest, but the World’s Finest. Homeland Security should just get out of their way and let them do the job the federal clowns cannot.

      Every New Yorker should give a heartfelt thank you to these brave men and women who protect our city, our people and visitors. The NYPD is the finest and best trained police force in the world. We should be proud of them and value what they do to protect us. The US is the most violent first world country because everyone in the US has easy access to plentiful guns. Every day a NYPD police officer goes out on the streets, they are placing their lives on the line to protect us. They don’t know if that is the day they will die from some lowlife with a mental problem and a gun.

      The way our police officers are being treated like they are the criminals is disgraceful. They are called fascists, brutes and racists. In one sweep, 34,000 police officers are convicted without trial or jury, but by the mindless mob. 34,000 police officers are tarred as racists because a tiny handful of them went too far. Despite the extensive world class training our police receive, their critics would drag them all through the mud and treat them like criminals. Guilty by reason of being a cop. All these stupid people screaming racism are the first to blame the cops for not being there when the random violence hits them.

      We can tbsnk Rudy Guiliani and Mike Bloomberg for taking New York from a place that outsiders feared as a crime ridden nightmare they risked their lives if they were to vvisit; to what it is today, the safest city in America. Or was until our new mayor De Blasio has made it his goal to dismantle the NYPD as a security force and turn it into a feel good neighborhood greeter. They would criminalize every police action that went past their vague and elusive ever changing boundaries. After just 15 months, we can already see a rising crime rate in all categories. Every weekend has again become a shootout at the OK corral like the bad old days of the 1980’s.

      You asked what happened to the ozone hole and acid rain. The hole has stabilized due to the ban on chlorinated fluorocarbons and will slowly recede as the gas dissipates over the next century. And acid rain has also diminished due to the ban on high sulfur coal in midwest power plants. The recent EPA restrictions on power plant emissions.

      Scooter Debouter

      July 1, 2015 at 10:50 pm

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