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The Horrors of Hallet’s Cove

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On the Queens waterfront, at the junction of Broadway and Vernon Boulevard, can be found the Socrates Sculpture Garden, a very modern warehouse store, and dozens of derelicted industrial mills which define Hallet’s Cove and hint at its hidden past.

quote from

“In 1839, Steven Halsey, a fur merchant, founded a village at Hallets Cove and started the 92nd Street Ferry service to Manhattan. Hallets Cove became a recreational destination and resort for Manhattan’s elite”

and from wikipedia:

Originally, Astoria was known as Hallet’s Cove, after its original landowner William Hallet, who settled there in 1659 with his wife Elizabeth (Fones)

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Rusted Factory in LIC 003

This area (between the nineteenth century’s American Civil war and the second thirty years war -called World Wars 1 and 2), along with the nearby Newtown Creek, was the busiest industrial manufacturing zone to be found in the entire world.

Rusted Factory in LIC 002

Today, its an abandoned patch of corrupted ruins whose ancient poisons and toxic filth leech through glass strewn mud into the East River.

Rusted Factory in LIC 004

I rarely cross a fence line, but this structure seemed to be calling out to me.


Once, this structure had been a metal finishing plant of some kind, but today it serves as a garbage dump for surviving area businesses.

Rusted Factory in LIC 005

The building is marked as condemned by the inspectors of the New York City Fire Department with a squared X, and apparently for good reason.

Rusted Factory in LIC 001

Spoke to a Fireman in a bar one night about what the squared x means. Won’t be crossing that mark again. 

Falling factory

It disappeared in the spring of 2009, this place on Hallet’s Cove.

Inside Falling factory

What remains is a brick lot with a fence around it.

from another 22nd street

Written by Mitch Waxman

June 11, 2009 at 1:53 am

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  1. […] were moving so fast, Steve came on the radio and warned us not to miss the next stop, Hallet’s Cove. “Get over to the right! Turn right past Costco! Don’t miss the cove!” Believe us, no one […]

  2. thanks, mitch . . . well done.


    October 3, 2009 at 1:48 am

  3. […] readers may remember an examination of the “Nelson Galvanizing” site- titled “The Horrors of Hallet’s Cove“- and the multiple links to various environmental violations assigned to it by the City and […]

  4. […] Cove, and Sunswick Creek- check out this Newtown Pentacle post from February of 2010, and the “The Horrors of Hallet’s Cove“ from June of […]

  5. […] politically wired developer. As soon as I saw the address, I said “Hey, that’s the Nelson Galvanizing Superfund site.” Why am I the only person in Queens who knows about and talks about these […]

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