The Newtown Pentacle

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I use Flickr to share photos, and waste a lot of time there. After years of lurking and posting in various LIC and Astoria groups, its time to start the Newtown Pentacle Group. Quoted from the group page:

“The Newtown Pentacle is looking for unique points of view along the 3.5 mile long industrial waterway in New York City. Shots of victorian relicts, aging industrial neighborhoods, remnants of a historical site. Do not break the law. No pics of floating poop or prophylactics. Pics are even better if you’ve got a story to go with them.”

So far, its a little heavy on Old Mitch’s stuff, which I threw in just to get things started. Got a pic with a story or anecdote? Want to share? Do it at the Newtown Pentacle group- here

I’m serious about the “do not break the law” part, by the way. The creek is a dangerous place full of giant machines moving at full throttle and at high voltages. 911 is probably not an option on the wrong side of a fence when you’ve just crashed into a homeless camp or found out where the cement factories guard dogs live. A controversial post at citynoise not long ago showcased an urban explorer moving along the trackbeds along Dutch kills.

The photographer crossed active tracks- and such activities are both considered trespassing by the Police (in this case- Amtrack Federal Police), and are crazy dangerous. They were very nice shots and interesting perspectives on Dutch Kills- but- Break The Law at your own risk

Written by Mitch Waxman

June 11, 2009 at 12:31 am

Posted in newtown creek

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