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The considerable deductive powers of the unstoppable Forgotten-NY team are applied to the farthest extant of the Newtown Creek’s rusty borderlands. Check out scenes and scrying from the far, far east here

Our friend and colleague, Bob Singleton (of Greater Astoria Historical Society fame) is presenting a lecture tonight on the history and construction of the Queensboro Bridge in Middle Village. This lecture is the first in a series being presented by the burgeoning and recently organized Newtown Historic Society.

Tonight, part 3 of our Masonic lodge series will go live, but I came across someone on Flickr who did an amazing job of commenting on her gorgeous photos (with a lot of detail that I missed) – check out ChristiNYC’s photos from the Masonic Lodge tour sponsored by Open House New York at flickr.

Over at bigskybrooklyn, Adam E. shares the products of his poetic ambles around the former Dutch colony. Check him out, and don’t miss his story about Triangle 54.

I’m still gathering info on the Newtown Creek superfund story, but am not ready to talk about it. Recent missives from the Newtown Creek Alliance suggest that the Federal Government’s redoubtable EPA will be holding a public meeting on November 5th at 7PM in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Quoth: The US Environmental Protection Agency will be holding a community information session regarding the nomination of Newtown Creek to the Federal Superfund Program.

Where: St Cecilia’s Auditorium, Located on North Henry St midway between Herbert and Richardson

When: Thursday November 5th at 7:00 pm

Halloween week is here, and I would be remiss if I didn’t shill for the Greater Astoria Historical Society Halloween tour, led by its president Richard Melnick. I’ll be there, and Our Lady of the Pentacle plans on assumption of full holiday regalia for both herself and our little dog.

Also, for the pure Geek of it all, I’ve been playing around with the “rss feed” syndication settings on the Newtown Pentacle. Our feed page is located here. Experimental “mirrors” of the site can be found here, and here. Messing around with different layouts and blog services has been my main desire, and I’m intrigued by the notion of the raw text and code flowing into different layouts automatically (to subscribe to our feed, click the appropriate links on the sidebar). I’m a newbie at programming this sort of thing, if you’re not and there’s something obvious and clever I’m missing, please contact me.

Additionally, Joey in Astoria has posted a list of Halloween parties here in the loamy, tree tressed loins of darkest and stormiest Astoria. Click here.

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