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Shots and anecdotes from Astoria, in today’s post.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

The Queens Cobbler is at work again, this singular shoe was observed on the 21st street side of the ancient village while perambulation was underway. A trophy hunting predator walks amongst us, unseen and unnoticed by the Gendarmes. Mark my words, lords and ladies, soon you will see banner headlines about the Queens Cobbler and his nefarious work.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

My upstairs neighbor, one of the laconic Croatians who populate my particular neck of the woods, tells me that the price of food has become “terrible” hereabouts. She laments what has happened to her adopted country in the roughly three decades that she has dwelt here, and informs that once she reaches retirement age a return to Istria will be a top priority.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

The Newtown Pentacle’s district office is found at Doyle’s, an Irish bar on Broadway and 42nd street – the Times Square of Astoria. During the warm months, it is my habit to pack up Zuzu the dog and make an end of day pilgrimage to this District Office, in order to touch base with the neighbors and enjoy a pint or two of beer.

Not long ago, whilst engaged in this activity, a bird on a wire was observed.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

Astoria, Queens… we now have wild Parrots infesting the neighborhood. There’s also Opossums, one of which showed up at my own door recently. Zuzu the dog bit it on the butt, which caused it to retreat back to whatever cryptid critter bolt hole is preferred by the out of place and unexpected fauna wandering about the ancient village.

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Written by Mitch Waxman

June 9, 2015 at 11:00 am

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  1. If I may be a bird-nerd for a moment, that’s a monk parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus):

    They tend to live in colonies and have made the quite the home for themselves in Green-wood Cemetery in the arches over the main entrance too:


    June 9, 2015 at 1:18 pm

  2. […] the same month – the appearance of a potential copycat Cobbler was mentioned in this one. June of 2015 saw more evidence appear, and shoes continued to drop right on through 2016. 2017 brought […]

  3. […] month – the appearance of a potential copycat Cobbler was mentioned in this one. June of 2015 saw more evidence appear, and shoes continued to drop right on through 2016. […]

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