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Panoramic Notes

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Note: the scope of the Newtown Creek often obviates the need for some detail, and a broader perspective than the narrow lensing and shallow observations which are the usual totality of my capabilities. Experimenting with the photomerge feature in photoshop has allowed me to capture interesting horizontal images which are “stitched” together from multiple photographs. The results are not perfect, and have clear seams. Of course, the elaborate falsehoods I perpetrate for the advertising world, and the commensurate skills I’ve developed in “retouching”, would allow me to obscure such defects. I don’t want to, though.

Accordingly, I always specify these sorts of highly processed imagery as “a stitched panorama”, so as to inform the viewer of anomalous artifacts of the digital imaging process. Experience has taught me that stitching raw files as opposed to JPEG will create a smoother transition. The first image, of the Grand Street Bridge from onboard a moving ship, is all jpeg. The second, of the East Channel of the Newtown Creek, looking west toward Manhattan Skyline, Kosciuzcko Bridge, Calvary Cemetery- is all raw.

Also, I linked these 2 images to their GIANT incarnations- actual pixels. They’re big, but you can see some serious detail in them.

Grand St. Bridge from Newtown Creek by you.

Grand St. Bridge from Newtown Creek Рphoto by Mitch Waxman

Both of these are part of a post coming your way over the weekend, incidentally. Don’t mean to spoil it or anything, but as you may have guessed, DUGSBO cometh!!!

Newtown Creek from Grand St. Bridge by you.

Newtown Creek from Grand St. Bridge- photo by Mitch Waxman

I once met a guy at some party in Williamsburg, he was a “freak” at a modern Coney Island funhouse in the early 90’s. An urban primitive, if you remember that scene. He was an early “political bicycle guy”, and had suffered a tremendous injury on the Grand Street Bridge in the late 80’s. A truck had come barreling over the shaky structure, which vibrated so tremendously that it displaced the fellow from his bicycle, and then a second truck drove over… his head. Not 2 minutes after I took the west facing panorama directly above, a city bus sped over the bridge doing at least 60mph on the way to a nearby bus depot. The violent quaking and groaning of the bridge, as it expressed the kinetic blow it just suffered, terrified one of my frequent companions, who feared that she would be thrown into the uncaring waters of the Newtown Creek, to join with those unknowable things that may lurk down there.

The bicycle man in Williamsburg was an odd fellow, to be sure, and claimed that the unique scars and severe depression on the back of his head were the end result of the event, and testament to the skill of his doctors and surgical staff. Our Lady of the Pentacle and I referred to him as “the guy who looks like a thumb” afterwards. I currently know a fellow in Astoria who claims to have lost his south Boston accent and speech pattern in a car accident.

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September 10, 2009 at 12:19 pm

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