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A personal note, and a “moving forward” statement of intent:

– photo by Mitch Waxman

Sporadic will be the best case description of postings over the next few weeks. Binary forces, personal and professional, are exerting their pull on my attention and capabilities. Newtown Pentacle HQ (and our little dog Zuzu) is in the process of moving to a larger, brighter, and slightly cheaper domicile here in Astoria.

The exertions and cost of the move are complicated by the unique circumstance of needing to maintain a functioning studio, earn a living, and maintain some level of normalcy for the dog. Climbing back upon the corporate ladder (the above shot is the actual staircase at an ad agency called Digitas where I was employed for a while) to cover expenses is paramount. Freelancing is not the joy it once was, given the state of the economy and certain repressive regulations imposed by the federal government in order to guarantee extra- national agricultural workers the right to pay a social security tax they will never be eligible to collect during the last half of that abhorrent admixture of crypto fascist incompetence and corporate welfare led by a certain ex governor of Texas which is colloquially referred to as “The Bush administration”.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

Dwindling, the small amount of treasure which greased the wheels of existence for your humble narrator needs replenishment. Dreams of caviar and champagne are not dancing in my mind, of course, I’m just hoping to continue to offer the dog an occasional “Jimmy Dean” and make sure the missus has something to open on Christmas morning.

Plans along this course introduce the notion of monetizing my efforts online, something I’ve always resisted, but certain realities have to be acknowledged. The whole “Gilman” thing with the tax people has created a new bill to pay, and belts are as tight as they will go- even with the several new holes hand punched beyond those that came pre installed when it was purchased during fatter times.

To this end, there will be a series of Newtown Pentacle products- photo books at first, probable introduction of advertising on the site (there are a LOT of you reading this blog these days), and a few other ventures which are at early stages of development. I’m not attempting to become crass, or commercial, but a humble narrator has to eat too. When I have a personal stake in something, i.e. I stand to make a couple of bucks off of it, I’ll state that flat out.

If this manumission to capitalism does not appear- in a notice about a working harbor, or Newtown Creek Alliance, or Newtown Historical Society event, know that its just “a get out the vote” or “put asses in the seats” effort on behalf of something worth doing.

Written by Mitch Waxman

September 13, 2010 at 12:15 am

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