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unsanctioned frenzy

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Pondering while wandering.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

I’m all ‘effed up. As is my habit during the summer, vast explorations of existential angst and delusion rule those intracranial electrical impulses which one might generously describe as thoughts. Fear, repulsion, and raw terror are the contents of that glob of salty fat which sits between the oddly shaped ears, above the loathsome mouth, and an inch or two behind the spectacles. The particular organ in question has been giving me trouble of late, and in the future I intend to use it gently as a repetitive stress injury seems to be taking hold.

from wikipedia

A semi-trailer is a trailer without a front axle. A large proportion of its weight is supported by a road tractor, a detachable front axle assembly known as a dolly, or the tail of another trailer. A semi-trailer is normally equipped with landing gear (legs which can be lowered) to support it when it is uncoupled.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

Disappointment and loneliness are the root causes of all the worlds trouble, the Castor and Pollux of evil. One such as myself, however, is drawn to their stormy coastlines with its craggy delights. Your humble narrator has too full a schedule for the “Bon Vivant” and joys of summer, it seems, and is instead a mass of mouldering psychological injuries held together with string and sealing wax. Frivolities are not meant for such a creature- who is nothing less than an assassin of joy, mental weakling, physical coward, and a most feckless quisling.

from wikipedia

Emotional baggage is an everyday expression that correlates with many varied but similar concepts within social sciences, self-help movements, and other fields: its general concern is with unresolved issues of an emotional nature, often with an implication that the emotional baggage is detrimental.

As a metaphorical image, it is that of carrying all the disappointments, wrongs, and trauma of the past around with one in a heavy load.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

Arcane ideations torment, coupled as they are with a startling emotional numbness, and one suspects that all this might not actually be happening. A sneaking suspicion, lurking maliciously at the scarred threshold of that glob of electrically charged, and quite salty, fat a couple of inches behind my glasses is not interpreting the world accurately, torments. A long standing delusion one suffers from, separate from the one which causes me to always look over my left shoulder when walking through Woodside at night, is that this all might be some sort of cruel simulation being run by an extra dimensional and all powerful entity which seeks to stress test and then judge one harshly according to an arbitrary set of rules. The existence of such a being would be outlandish, of course, as there is no evidence of such an entity other than in desert legends, folk stories, and peasant traditions.

from wikipedia

The simplest use of brain-in-a-vat scenarios is as an argument for philosophical skepticism and solipsism. A simple version of this runs as follows: Since the brain in a vat gives and receives exactly the same impulses as it would if it were in a skull, and since these are its only way of interacting with its environment, then it is not possible to tell, from the perspective of that brain, whether it is in a skull or a vat. Yet in the first case most of the person’s beliefs may be true (if they believe, say, that they are walking down the street, or eating ice-cream); in the latter case their beliefs are false. Since the argument says one cannot know whether one is a brain in a vat, then one cannot know whether most of one’s beliefs might be completely false. Since, in principle, it is impossible to rule out oneself being a brain in a vat, there cannot be good grounds for believing any of the things one believes; a skeptical argument would contend that one certainly cannot know them, raising issues with the definition of knowledge.

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Written by Mitch Waxman

July 16, 2013 at 7:45 am

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