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Don’t get fooled again… yeah…

– photo by Mitch Waxman

All anyone I talk to can talk about in Western Queens, at the moment, is the fall of Boss Crowley. “It’s a great day for Democracy” is what one elected official who often stood defiant in front of the Congressmen told me the other day. Shock waves are the best way to describe the sensation, as political hopefuls and operatives that had “paid it forward” into the Queens Machine realign themselves and attempt to figure out where the new center of gravity is. I can tell you who the big winner in all this derring do is, and it’s not Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (whom I’ve met, and she does live up to the hype).

The big winner of the Crowley primary is Bill De Blasio. Allow me to explain my perceptions on this…

– photo by Mitch Waxman

Boss Crowley was in league with several of the other borough honchos, notably the Democrat clubs and Civic organizations in the Bronx and Queens. The former boss of North Brooklyn, Vito Lopez, notably went down in flames a few years ago. Brooklyn’s centers of political power moved south to Borough Hall and to South, and Eastern Brooklyn. Staten Island is its own political entity, and power over there is centered around the Republican rather than Democratic Party. Manhattan is fairly weak, in terms of organization and turning out the votes, I’m told. What that all means has little to do with the public face of Government that you see on TV and read about – rather “power” is about who gets to be made a Judge, or County Clerk, or even the Speakers of the New York State Assembly and NYC Council and by whom. “You can have Corey Johnson or Carl Heastie, but I get to name who executes Estate Law in Queens, and name two Deputy Commisioners to Sanitation,” or elevate some promising new player from a connected family to become an assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn.” Ever wonder what the connection between David Patterson, Elliot Spitzer, and Anthony Weiner is? They were all protégés of Senator Chuck Schumer, and all were methodically brought down by public sex scandals. Who “outed” them? Good question, and I’ve always wondered if it involved a certain ex-President setting up shop in Harlem, and a former First Lady becoming a Senator. The answer doesn’t actually matter, what matters is that room at the top of the ash heap was made by clearing dead wood from somebody else’s vertical silo of political patronage. With Boss Crowley moved out of the picture, there’s now a vacuum of high level power in Queens, and the Bronx has been demoted as they’ve lost a powerful partner. Brooklyn’s political clubs are now elevated in position and importance, and so are Staten Island’s. A struggle for political primacy in Queens is beginning, and there’s only one unifying “Boss” left for NYC’s elites to gather around and trade horses.

That’s the Mayor.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

A humble narrator, of course, has no skin in this game. Other kids collected baseball cards, I collected politician cards which had all their legislative stats on the back. I’ll trade you a rookie Donald Manes for a mint 2014 Gregory Meeks, nobody has ever said except me. The next election to watch the hijinks for is Gubernatorial in nature, as the Dark Prince of Albany uses all of his art and craft to crush a challenger rising from his southern left flank, with said challenger a firm ally and agent of the Mayor. Additionally, the “lefties” of Queens have already begun realigning their allegiances with City Hall. The “read” must be that since Ocasio Cortez was to the left of Crowley, the best way to realign themselves would be in that direction. They’re missing the truth, which is that just like Hillary Clinton, Joe Crowley ran a crappy (primary) campaign and failed as a Candidate. The Mayor is already capitalizing on this, as is the south Brooklyn political establishment that he’s the representative of. Thing is, he’s a fake “leftie,” and is in fact a neoliberal corporatist and “Gentrifier in Chief” who seeks to maintain the system exactly as it is right now (as he is at the top of said system), just with higher graduated income taxes on about two percent of the total population to pay for his unending expansion of government (20% in six years!) and to continue his spending spree. The Mayor has actually been a godsend for one particular group, whom upstate Republicans present as a boogie man to their constituencies while raising funds.

Meanwhile, as the left continues to eat its own arm, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

All of this is just one idiot’s opinion, take it for what it’s worth.

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Written by Mitch Waxman

June 29, 2018 at 1:00 pm

3 Responses

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  1. OK, settle down Beavis.

    Once again with the ‘muh reeeel progressive liberal’ gibberish as a means by which to explain away the foibles and failures of progressive liberalism (actually it’s just the same old threadbare marxian socialism with a glitzy new name) by claiming all other progs before were fakes as a piss poor excuse.

    So when the real prog lib shows up, the underpants Gnome’s 3 step program of success will be proven:
    1) Find and elect a real progressive liberal (TM)
    2) ????
    3) Achieve Utopia

    Well champ, for the benefit of us poor, benighted doubters, can you first start out with a definition of what real progressivism (TM) is and what is this beast supposed look like? In definable terms please, not emotional rhetoric, flowery but empty platitudes and meaningless buzzwords.

    So here’s what I see:
    You’re making the same mistake Crowley made in failing to understand that in a multi-cultural society, the old left-right paradigm is replaced by identity politics. Voters (what 5% or 6% of the electorate in that congressional district) picked Ocasio, and not the old white guy only because she’s a latina just like them. If they know anything about her policies (the 100% renewable energy idea is weapons grade asinine, BTW), it’s a vague idea about moar free stuff!

    She will in turn be responsive only to her own people and just collect a sinecure paycheck with the usual under the table bennies while getting nothing legislatively done. A good step up from being a bartender to a soapbox orator.

    Neither one of you can see far enough ahead to realize that when other racial/ethnic identity groups reach critical mass, old white guys (and later old white girls) are going to be purged from the party when they realize they can plunder the treasury more effectively for themselves than accept the crumbs doled out by the old white guys. Then thermidor will arrive but that’s a story for another day.

    An intelligent man such as yourself with an excellent knowledge of history should fully realize this and most likely you do even if you won’t publicly admit it. Then your secret is safe with me.

    But not to worry about the Republicans (AKA the uniparty red faction). They will as usual run some ‘me too’ type nobody so the faithful of the One True Political Religious Cult can use him as a target for their two minutes of hate and all around whipping boy. He will accept this abuse, refuse to even campaign let alone to call Ocasio out on her weaker ideas or issues and lose gracefully.

    In Service to the Pentacle
    Don Cavaioli


    June 29, 2018 at 3:17 pm

  2. Mayor de Faustio actually endorsed Joe Crowley, being the loyalist democrat neoliberal and child poisoning enabling creep that he is.

    JQ LLC

    July 1, 2018 at 6:15 am

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