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A few things to say, I have.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

To start with, this Saturday the 30th of March is the 110th anniversary of the opening of the Queensboro Bridge. It’s the official moment that you can stick a pin into for when Queens stopped being an agricultural backwater and began to develop into its modern form. Queens Plaza and the Sunnyside Yards occurred shortly thereafter, and then the subways began rolling and everything we know as Queens today began to get built up. If you’re crossing her on Saturday, tip your hat and offer the old girl a salutation. Extra karma points will be awarded if you say “Gustav Lindenthal.”

Lots of people cross that bridge everyday, unfortunately just last night that included the crew of loathsome sentience which calls itself the NYC EDC. They’re the ones who want to deck over the Sunnyside Yards. “Once in a lifetime opportunity,” they say. “Bring Queens into the 21st century” is also offered. Queens, and Queensboro made it just fine into the 21st century without the NYC EDC, although the bridge had to suffer the indignity of being renamed for Ed Koch. That wasn’t EDC’s fault, it was Bloomberg. The reason that the EDC was in Queens yesterday is sort of Bloomberg’s fault, as he elevated Dan Doctoroff to a position of influence and is a fellow whom our current Mayor (who is supposed to hate Bloomberg, right?) is under the sway of. Don’t forget, it was Doctoroff who kicked off this whole “deck the yards” thing in 2014.

– photo by Mitch Waxman

Two evenings last week, I found myself in “private” meetings with members of EDC’s planning teams. Other folks were in the room, of course. We discussed open space and green space, transit and sewage, design and architecture. I insisted that our nomenclature for the conversations omitted usage of the word “will” in favor of “if” when referring to the possibilities of this project of theirs. There’s a few careers riding on this one, for the well bred and extremely well educated power brokers at the “public benefit” corporation called the New York City Economic Development Corporation. I’d point out, and I did during the meetings, that EDC doesn’t have the greatest track record. Amazon, the Staten Island Ferris Wheel, Brooklyn’s Bush Terminal… the list goes on and on.

At every juncture, I reminded them that I actually thought highly of the intellect and skills and pure moxy of their team, but that I view them as nothing more than an invading army sent in from Manhattan to destroy my home.

For some reason they were wounded by this statement. I guess that like any other abusive parent or bully, EDC wants you to thank them for and enjoy your beatings. It’s in your own best interest, as they’re doing this to help you, right?

– photo by Mitch Waxman

I’ve told EDC multiple times that they will not be allowed to do to Queens what they’ve done to Manhattan. For any of y’all EDC people reading this, I haven’t even gotten started yet on ensuring that it won’t. You’ll hear drums, first. Then the bagpipes. That’s when you’ll know it’s officially begun. You should pick some other community to fuck with, or wait for us to die out. There’s a line here in Queens, the same one you stepped on with Amazon, and my neighbors and I are standing on the other side of it.

I’m going to be conducting a free walk in LIC on the 30th of March, this Saturday afternoon. The Sunnyside Yards project has roared back to life in the aftermath of the Amazon debacle, and since the Manhattan people are going to all sorts of effort to get this thing done… Click here for details on the “Skillman Corridor” walk.

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Written by Mitch Waxman

March 27, 2019 at 12:00 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I just exultantly cheered “YEAH MITCH!” from the others side of the web-dimensional portal I live on. There was a long-ass post I’d written on ‘secretive days’ in reply to yours on the slavering REBNY hordes and their hunger for your much-beloved creeklands. It seems you must’ve read, if not posted, that rambling screed, and even if not, well no matter!- for your marshalled fighting spirit shows!

    I won’t allow myself to become too hopeful, but I have shared the date of your upcoming walking tour with interested friends (who will attend in my stead) for Saturday. If Eddie shows up, tell ’em Tom sez hi! Fight that good fight!

    Tommy Efreeti

    March 27, 2019 at 1:24 pm

  2. “You’ll hear drums, first. Then the bagpipes. That’s when you’ll know it’s officially begun.”

    Aye, Laddie, gee in tetch we yer inner Celt !

    “Let Bacchus’ sons be not dismayed
    But join with me, each jovial blade
    Come, drink and sing and lend your aid
    To help me with the chorus”

    “Instead of spa, we’ll drink brown ale
    And pay the reckoning on the nail;
    No man for debt shall go to jail
    From Garryowen in glory.”

    “We’ll beat the bailiffs out of fun,
    We’ll make the mayor and sheriffs run
    We are the boys no man dares dun
    If he regards a whole skin.”

    Donald Cavaioli


    March 28, 2019 at 1:39 pm

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